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If time isn’t a big issue and maximizing realized cash (or protecting a reserve price) is the priority, you can utilize our Reserved Price Retail Consignment and let us do all the work! NO Commission or Fees to you here with this program! Just give us your bottom dollar RESERVE PRICE, & we’ll mark it up from there with no fees or costs to you, just as we would new equipment from the factory! It may take a week or two to sell, or it could take much longer, but your set reserve price is guaranteed upon ultimate sale.

We can finance your buyer & complete trades. We handle all title transfers, taxes & insurance! We deal with all those dead-end inquiries & scammers or tire kickers…because we know your time is valuable! We have the most extensive marketing anywhere & active buyers every day...all FREE for you! Professional photography, videography, & make-ready services all free! 250,000 cars per day pass right in front of our 33-acre location on Southwest Freeway 59 just SW of Houston, giving you unparalleled local visibility & exposure! All you have to do is bring your truck, trailer or recreational vehicle in with title in hand! If your title has a lien, we can still do the deal, but will need current payoff and lender contact info to pay it off upon final sale.

Utilizing the global presence of Sandhills Publishing through their affiliates,,, and (among others), we get you unparalleled exposure online and in PRINT catalogs too, distributed across America weekly by the millions! We further utilize a dozen other national online markets, getting you maximum exposure and a quick sale without a single hassle on your part. We actively list items on Craigslist, Ebay, HorseClicks, HorseTrailerWorld, EquipmentTrader, TrailerTrader, CommericalTruckTrader & more to get YOUR equipment in front of most every buyer out there. We spend no less than $500/day in online google advertising and social media marketing each and every day here at American Equipment Liquidators to bring even more buyers to our offerings!

Not only are we located adjacent to the 4th largest city in America, HOUSTON, TEXAS, on Highway 59 (nicknamed the NAFTA Superhighway), but we routinely “retail” & “wholesale” equipment in states as far off as Georgia, Florida, Michigan and California, not to mention many sales made to Mexico and further south thanks to our online marketing & social media expertise.

All Equipment items consigned for “retail” consignment sale on our lot are assigned a Sellers Reserve Price negotiated between Seller/Consignor and us as Dealer, based on market research, inspection and equipment appraisal. We will mark-up items from your reserve price for our “Final Value Fee” to be earned only upon final sale. Any reasonable offers received by us below the reserve price will be presented to you for consideration, and acceptance or counter-offers to be made to potential buyers are at your final discretion.

Final Value Fees are earned by us only upon final sale, settlement, and delivery by Dealer to the Buyer and will vary in every case. Final Value Fees are calculated as Final Sales Price less the Reserve Price originally agreed upon, or offer modifications accepted by you prior to sale, plus any outstanding title and inspection fees previously authorized by you. All fees are payable & collected post-sale from gross proceeds upon sale, and no fees are required from you in advance.

We specialize in on-site consignments of Rolling Stock (Drive-in, Drive-Out):

Light, Medium, or Heavy-Duty Trucks (all types, including semi-trucks)
Light, Medium, or Heavy-Duty Trailers (all types, including semi-trailers)

If it has wheels and rolls down the highway, we can sell it!