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OTHER FEES – Absolute Auction or Reserved Consignment Sale.

All rolling stock items we sell require a Title. All titled equipment items will be subject to a $50 title transfer fee. No exceptions.

For YOUR protection as well as ours, we also retain an independent 3rd party qualified inspector to review, test, and inspect EVERY pre-owned rolling stock item we sell. These inspection reports will be included in the description for every sale, and the seller will have prior access to this report for determination of any pre-sale modifications they may or may not wish to complete.

We believe in transparency and full disclosure, understanding that it protects both you as seller, and us as dealer, to discover and disclose to the best of our ability, any known defects or repairs required on each and every rolling stock item. Independent Inspection Fees are $100 each item for any item with an Engine (like trucks or RVs), and $50 each item for any item without an engine, (like trailers or Campers).

In summary, rolling stock sellers/consignors will be charged a $50 title transfer fee and either a $50 or $100 Inspection Report fee, in addition to the final value fees above, upon final settlement AFTER the sale.

Additional services (for additional cost) are optional at your discretion, for any pre-sale preparation that you would like us to do, including power washing, detailing, touch up paint, total paint, decaling, minor mechanical services & parts replacement, or other reconditioning to help maximize your realized auction prices. Sometimes the smallest details can have the biggest impact on your final valuation received. We have our team ready to maximize the value of your equipment here at our 33-acre facility on State Highway 59 in Beasley.